Millions of people worldwide graduate every year with a mission to establish promising careers and adopt a stable lifestyle. Once they graduate, the real struggle begins for the majority. The reason behind this fact is that finding the right job in a reputable organization at the right time is not as easy as it seems. Well-known employers look for a variety of parameters before they shortlist a suitable candidate for their business. Effective resumes, interview skills, and being presentable are a few of them. If you are lacking in any of the mentioned or similar skills, worry no more, as FedSense has got you covered. The FedSense mobile application is designed to help graduates and professionals find their dream jobs in top-grade organizations. The top features this mobile app offers include job search, complete career support, resume building, chat, video consultation, subscription, easy online payments, and much more. The company’s management assists users in applying for a specific position successfully and increasing their chances of being selected as potential candidates. In simple words, FedSense provides you with a golden opportunity to start your professional career with a bang.


Technology Stack

Expertise Delivered

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The challenge

Searching for a potential job opportunity and applying for it to maximize the chances of being hired is absolutely a tough nut to crack for young graduates and working professionals (who look forward to giving their careers a boost). Due to this challenging factor, thousands of people in the United States don’t get jobs at the right time. The major goal behind developing FedSense was to address this challenge meaningfully. A list of the challenges to cater to during the development process is attached below.


The Solution

FedSense is an incredible mobile application designed to provide you with complete career support. It lends a helping hand to every individual who struggles to find the right job in the United States. If you are experiencing the same issue, this mobile app has got you covered. From relevant job search to resume building and chat support to one-on-one career consultation, FedSense has everything to offer. You can download and try this app to take a step forward toward building your promising career. The features introduced to this project are as follows.


FedSense Features

These are the main features of this project


Easy Signup

You can register yourself easily with FedSense mobile application by providing your basic information. The process is very simple.


Career Support

As a user, you can get complete career support, including an in-app job search, and easily apply for every role in the United States.


Resume Building

This feature helps you build a perfect resume, keeping in view the requirements of a job you are looking for to start your career.


Resume Improvement

If you already have a professional resume and want to give it some fine touches, FedSense will surely be your best partner in this regard.



All users can communicate with the management to discuss their job search challenges and get a customized solution accordingly.


One-on-One Consultation

This is a perfect feature for every user to get professional assistance from trained professionals via video conversation.


Online Payment

With a secure, quick, and convenient payment processing approach, you can pay for the subscription easily with a single click.

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