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According to the United Nations' sustainable development goals for 2030, the world is not on the right track; therefore, a step towards “zero hunger” has become more challenging. The recent COVID pandemic has created countless challenges for the common man to survive on earth. Millions of families struggle to provide their loved ones with enough food. This is indeed an alarming condition for every struggling individual. To help underprivileged communities, people have started giving donations. People living in distant locations or overseas communities prefer to help the poor and needy people with online donations. This is where Love Easy Giving comes in. It is a charity app that makes online giving super easy for every individual donating from any part of the world. This mobile application features multiple categories to donate for under one roof. Love Easy Giving accepts donations from various parts of the globe in different currencies. The users can select the organizations and sub-organizations to give their charity. Doesn’t matter if you want to donate for one time or are willing to set recurring donations; this donation app will be your trusted partner for sure because it makes online giving convenient and trustworthy.


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The challenge

Due to unstable global economic conditions, underprivileged communities are going through severe challenges, and they are even unable to arrange nutritious food. To help these people, privileged societies worldwide come forward and donate as much as they can. There are a handful of platforms purely dedicated to charity and donations. The idea of Love Easy Giving aims to facilitate potential donors to help the needy fulfill their basic needs. The challenges we faced when developing this online donation app are presented below.

The Solution

Love Easy Giving is a credible charity app introduced to facilitate global donors to donate conveniently at any time they want. It consists of multiple categories to choose from and give accordingly. This mobile application creates a solid bond between established communities and needy individuals. It supports money flow from rich to poor. The solution we provided to our client is presented below.

This app is available for both Android and iOS, with a web-based admin panel.


Love Easy Giving Features

These are the main features of this project


Easy Signup

Love Easy Giving makes online charity super easy with a quick and convenient registration process requiring basic information.


Find Credible Organizations

This feature helps you choose a specific organization or setup (from a list of multiples) you want to give your donation to.


Donation Category

Selecting the type of donation (e.g., Fitrana, Sadaqah, Zakat) makes this mobile application a source of attraction for donors.


Multiple Currencies

You have the option to share your contribution in different currencies, making this app your simple and quick donation partner.


Recurring Donations

Both one-time and recurring donation options are readily accessible. Recurring payments will deduct the set amount automatically.


History Version

With this feature, you can save and track the detailed history of charity, contributions, or donations you have made earlier.

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