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Nowadays, the life of everyone is so busy. Most people worldwide have tight schedules and they hardly get time to do any tasks other than their professional responsibilities. For students or professionals who have to travel frequently, it becomes difficult to drive daily to reach their institutions and workplaces, respectively. They often look for efficient ways to deal with this problem. Thanks to Xofer for greatly addressing this challenge. Are you looking for a driver to drop you at your office daily? Or in search of a driving partner to enjoy on a trip with your family? Xofer will lend a helping hand for sure. This is a free taxi app that comes in two different versions; one for the users and the other for drivers. The basic idea behind developing this mobile application is to create a bridge between the driver and the one in search of a driver. Xofer is equipped with advanced features like live location tracking, secure chat, and easy payments. The users can hire a driver in a matter of minutes and enjoy a comfortable journey till the destination arrives. You can also make your travel convenient with Xofer.


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The challenge

Millions of people around the world study at distant locations. The same is the case with working professionals. They have to travel on a daily basis. But due to their hectic schedules, driving a car becomes almost impossible for them. Therefore, they look for some solutions to get out of this trouble. Xofer wanted to address this problem specifically. The challenges we faced during the development process are listed below.

The Solution

Xofer is a credible taxi app that joins hands with individuals who can't drive their cars due to tight working schedules and are unable to reach the office on their own. The basic concept revolves around providing people with a facility to instantly hire a driver and enjoy a safe ride with convenience. This mobile app has made travel super easy for thousands of people, and you could be the next. The solution we provided to our client is presented below.


Xofer - Request a ride Features

These are the main features of this project


Easy Signup

Entering your basic information helps you register yourself and access all the features of this mobile application with a single click.


Find Nearby Drivers

This feature allows you to find nearby drivers to save you time. Only registered drivers will appear on your screen to choose from.


Fare & Ride Time Calculation

Entering your pickup and drop-off location in this app enables you to get the estimated value of both ride time and fare required.


Private Chat

Both users and drivers can communicate with each other through a real-time chat feature. The chat is end-to-end encrypted and secure.


Live Location Sharing

When a Xofer driver accepts your ride, the app creates a traceable and live map between the driver and the user to track live location.


Push Notifications

As soon as the driver accepts your ride, you’ll receive a push notification as an indication that your ride has been started successfully.


Ride Cancellation

Being a user, you can cancel your ride before the driver accepts it. If the ride is accepted, you won’t be able to cancel it anymore.


Secure Payment

Instant payment facility and highly secure processing technologies are integrated into the Xofer app to make payments easier for users.



Once the ride is completed successfully, the user can share his or her experience about the journey to rate the driver’s skills.


Ride History

This feature displays the complete history of the rides you have completed, including their time, dates, locations, and fares.


Accept Ride

Every ride that a user wants to book appears on the driver's app screen. They have the option to accept/reject it based on their requirements.


Upload Vehicle Images

As a user, you can upload images of your vehicle to familiarize the driver with your conveyance and see if he can help you with the drive.

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